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Ceramic Painting Workshop

I love seeing our customer’s reaction when they produce a piece of art they are proud of.  Quite often a workshop inspires them to use the painting technique they are taught on future pieces.  The confidence a workshop gives people is amazing, they arrive saying that they can’t paint and are actually scared.  Before the bisque is fired it can look very pale so when they come back to collect the glazed and fired items they are pleasantly surprised.

This frame at a Gare workshop I attended last year at one of my suppliers.  It is so simple yet effective and I really enjoyed it.  It teaches you about sponging, shading and using a fine liner paint pen to add details to your work. I added some ceramic leaves to to add depth to the piece and some special snow glaze which adds texture to the frame.

I will be holding a step-by-step workshop at the Slap ‘n Dash Studio on Thursday 12th February

Winter Trees  Frame

Winter Trees Frame